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Quality Treatment at Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors to Friends of East Africa Foundation, great strides have been made in bringing quality, affordable healthcare to the people of Uganda. 

Ultrasonic nebulizer_edited.jpg
Ultrasonic nebulizer

Used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, nebulizers break liquid particles down into a fog so that they can be inhaled easily, delivering medications deep into the lungs. They are especially useful for patients who are too young or too ill to use other devices.

Ultrasound scan with endovaginal probe, cardiac probe and doppler.JPG
Ultrasound scan with endovaginal probe, cardiac probe and doppler

Ultrasound scans are a noninvasive imaging test. The endovaginal probe is used to examine female reproductive organs including the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina. The cardiac probe allows doctors to see how blood flows through the heart and blood vessels. 

Second Ambulance.JPG
Second Ambulance

This new Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance with 4WD is a gift from John and Sue Morrison. It replaces the old ambulance which was near its life’s end, breaking down often and out of service more and more frequently.

New Laboratory Set-up.JPG
New Laboratory 

We have been blessed with the upgrade of a new laboratory for the hospital! This lab contains our state-of-the-art medical analysis machines. Having a quality lab on the campus of Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo allows our health care staff to expedite services to patients.  

New Dental Chair and Room.JPG
New Dental Chair and Room Updates

The dental clinic upgrade included a new chair, X-ray viewer, intra-oral camera and monitor, scaler and suction unit, stools for the dentist and assistant, magnifiers, medicine trays and towel racks.

MM Isolation Units Front View.JPG
MM Isolation Units

These isolation units are specially designed facilities for care and management of patients with suspected or confirmed high-consequence infectious diseases (ie. COVID). 


The lab was in need of a microscope for the evaluation of samples. Having this equipment in our lab saves time and the expense of sending out samples to another location for analysis.

Hematology Analyzer.JPG
Hematology Analyzer

This equipment detects a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. It was a top priority for the hospital.

Laboratory Point of Care Machine.JPG
Laboratory Point of Care Machine

Point-of-care testing, also known as near-patient testing, typically means carrying out a test using a device or test kit in the presence of the patient and without the need to send a sample off to a laboratory. Quick and accurate test results can help a health professional make better and more effective decisions with their patient. 

Blood Gas Analyzer.JPG
Blood Gas Analyzer

Blood gas analyzers measure the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood as well as its pH, electrolytes, lactate and hemoglobin. 

Karen F. Kaler Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Part of the ever expanding Ruth Gaylord Institute for Maternal and Pediatric Care, the new Karen F. Kaler Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped with all the “bells and whistles,” including these new incubators and monitors.

X-ray Imaging

Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo now offers x-rays onsite. This exciting addition to the hospital's services helps to diagnose bones and chronic coughs (often used in investigating tuberculosis and pneumonia). Patients can now remain at the Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo rather than suffer the cost and aggravation of transferring to another facility for their x-ray. Having our X-ray on site also assures that our ambulance is available for emergencies rather than being used for the transportation of a patient to another facility.

Truck for Mobile Health Clinic FOEA Foundation
4X4 Double-Cab Truck

Acquiring a 4X4 Toyota truck has extended the reach of the Mobile Health Clinic while allowing the ambulance to remain at the hospital for emergencies. Previously the ambulance also was used for the Mobile Health Clinic.

Water Pasteurizer

Underway is a water-pasteurization project to increase the supply of drinkable water for the hospital and its neighbors. St. Thomas engineering professor Dr. John Abraham and alumnus Brian Plourde ’10 contributed to the design of LEMA, a highly efficient, solar-powered, point-of-use water pasteurizer for the hospital campus.

Fabricated by Herold Precision, each LEMA system has embedded electronics, 3M solar mirror film for capturing optimum solar energy, distribution tanks and a water pump. Five LEMA devices can pasteurize more than 2,000 liters of water each day. 

Chemistry Analyzer from FOEA Foundation
Chemistry Analyzer

The Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo relies on Lancet Laboratories in Kampala to perform laboratory tests that it cannot provide on its own. FOEA Foundation acquired funding for a chemistry analyzer. The analyzer helps hospital staff to perform tests of renal and liver function, generate lipid profiles, and obtain hemoglobin and blood glucose measurements and more.    

Groundbreaking for apartment buildings at RGHM
Groundbreaking for Apartment Buildings

In addition to the buildings that make up the hospital campus, one nine-unit and two eight-unit apartment buildings are under construction. These two-bedroom apartments will serve as the hospital’s endowment. The rent will replace expensive equipment, fund care for those who cannot afford to pay, and support public health outreach such as immunizations and health education. The three buildings have been funded by U.S. benefactors through FOEA. 

Water reservoir from FOEA Foundation
200,000-Liter Water Reservoir

In January 2016, work began an 200,000 liter underground reservoir to collect rainwater. Pumps will deliver harvested rainwater to a gravity driven rooftop distribution system and dispense the water for flushing toilets, laundry, cleaning and irrigation. 

Blood storage
Hospital Approved for Blood Storage

In January 2016, Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo received approval from Uganda Blood Transfusion Services to store blood on site. 

First surgery at RGHM
First Surgery at RGH

November 26, 2016, marked the hospital's first surgical procedure. 

Ambulance for RGHM
Ambulance Acquired

FOEA was able to acquire an ambulance. At first, the ambulance was used for patient transfers as well as for the Mobile Health Clinic, extending the outreach of the Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo. The Mobile Clinic provides health education and vaccinations.

Generator for RGHM from FOEA Foundation
Generator Can Power Entire Hospital

Acquired in summer 2015, a Perkins 15KVA diesel generator easily can handle the power needs of the entire hospital complex during the area's many electrical grid interruptions. At the same time, generous donors to FOEA funded a high-quality commercial washer and dryer. 

FOEA celebrates grand opening
Celebration Marks a Grand Opening

On March 21, 2013, FOEA Foundation celebrated the official opening of our "dream come true," a 64-bed hospital focused on maternal and pediatric care. At that time, the hospital was named Ruth Gaylord Hospital Manganjo. After nearly 10 years of growth and expansion of services, the name was changed to Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo in 2022.

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