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FOEA Foundation Board of Directors

Dennis Dease - FOEA Foundatio

The Reverend Dennis Dease

FOEA Foundation President
and Board Chair 

Kristine Aasheim - FOEA Foundation

Kristine Aasheim

FOEA Foundation Board Member 

Charles Lugemwa - FOEA Foundation

Charles Lugemwa

FOEA Foundation Vice Chair
and Board Member 

Karen Hennes - FOEA Foundation

Karen Hennes

FOEA Foundation Secretary/Treasurer and Board Member 

JP Bongila - FOEA Foundatio

The Rev. J.P Bongila

FOEA Foundation Board Member 

Friends Of East Africa Foundation

Passionate about providing high-quality, comprehensive and affordable medical services for all who need them.
History of FOEA Foundation

In 2012, Dennis Dease organized the Friends of East Africa Foundation as a corporation under the provisions of the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 317A, for charitable, religious and educational purposes. 

In 2013 the Internal Revenue Service determined that the Friends of East Africa Foundation was tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

The principal work of the foundation is to support the Gary Holmes Hospital Maganjo, Uganda. 

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