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Current Projects FOEA Foundation

FOEA Foundation's Current Priorities

While Ruth Gaylord Hospital Maganjo is self-sustaining, there remain a number of capital improvements needed.

CBC hematology analyzer – $16,667

Equipment for detecting a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. This equipment is a top priority for RGHM.

Cardiac phased array probe and Doppler kit – $7,000

Equipment for cardiac diagnostics and echocardiography. This equipment is a top priority for RGHM.

Endovaginal/transvaginal probe – $5,500

Equipment used for examination of female reproductive organs. This equipment is a top priority for RGHM.

Oxygen piping to all essential areas – $32,473

Sterilizer, infusion pump, injection pump – $9,778

These new items, plus other upgrades in the Kaler NICU.

Mini High-Dependency Unit – $9,518

Equipping of a two-bed unit for critical patients and post-operative monitoring.

Optiflow system – $6,994

Purchase and installation an Optiflow system for delivery of warmed, humidified oxygen, used in treatment of respiratory distress.

Ultrasonic nebulizers – $3,250

For treatment of respiratory diseases.

Dental Clinic upgrades – $11,452

Including a new chair, X-ray viewer, intra-oral camera and monitor, scaler and suction unit, stools for the dentist and assistant, magnifiers, medicine trays and towel racks.

Paving and landscaping – $55,000 

​Paving and landscaping is important in Africa as the rainy seasons bring mud and dry seasons bring constant dust. 

Endoscopy Unit – $14,740

Equip an Endoscopy Unit for diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.   


Ambulance – $65,000 

A replacement ambulance is needed after six years of dependable service from the first ambulance.   


Construction – $37,000 

Construction of a building to house proposed High-Dependency Unit, Endoscopy Unit, and an isolation room (for patients sick with COVID-19 or other highly contagious illnesses).   

The FOEA Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.
All 2020 Priorities Funded
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